Terms and Conditions

Reviewed version June 15th, 2022

1. This is the online presence of Playa Scuba Dive Center, a dive shop located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
2. Here you will find general information about ourselves and our offers for diving in Playa del Carmen, PADI dive Training, Cozumel and the Cenotes. By accessing our site in any page you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.
3. You can access our site without registering. However, if you contact us or make a reservation, you will have to provide us with some personal information needed to contact you and eventually to do business with you.
4. We try to offer you this website with the most accurate information. However, all the information in our website is presented "as it is". That means: with no warranties of any kind, since this information could contain involuntary errors, be incomplete or be out-of-date.
5. The content of this website is copyrighted. If you want use it in any way for private or scholar use, you can do it as long as you provide a reference to its source (Playa Scuba Dive Center). If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us first for a written permission. All contect provided by third parties is presented with the apropiate credits. However, if you feel some content in this website is infringing your copyrights, please let us know and we will credit you accordingly or remove or change that content, upon your request.
6. Our website contains links to external websites. Since we have no influence on their content we can offer no warranties on them nor be responsible for them or for the consequences of using them in any case.
7. If you wish to do business with us, please contact us directly. Otherway no business can be done between you and us. You can start doing business with us also by making and paying a reservation thought PayPal.
    7a. If you make a reservation outside our office-hours please wait until we contact you to confirm your reservation. Otherwise we can't guarantee you a place with us.
    7b. Our prices and cancelation policy can be found in our prices page.
8. Please note that we are located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico and this website and our business self are regulated by mexican laws; therefore, all business matters between you and us will be done under mexican laws and/or local laws from Quintana Roo.
9. We are a small Dive Center and we believe in doing business personally and individually. Therefore all matters related to doing business with you (making, changing or cancelling a reservation, a dive or a course due to personal or to unforeseen circumstances -higher causes- ) will be negotiated and handled directly with you per e-mail, telephone or personally at our shop.
10. We take your privacy very seriously. Please be sure to read or Privacy policy to learn more about this subject.

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