> Scuba diving with bullsharks

This is the ultimate Playa del Carmen Scuba Diving experience for certified divers who want to experience the most thrilling dive in the world!

Diving with bullsharks and Playa ScubaIn November the sharks visit us to spend the winter till March when they migrate north.

Our Scuba Dive with Sharks is a dive program that will introduce thrill seeking divers to wild sharks and provide a close up look at these magnificent and mysterious creatures.

Your Playa del Carmen Shark Diving Adventure begins at 8 AM at our shop where we will gear up, and walk down to the boat. There will be a full briefing and a simulation how to position ourselves and an explanation about shark behavior what to do and what not. We will check the gear and make sure everything is in the right place.

There are currently two sites where we scuba dive with sharks. You will dive either the combination of "Shark Wall" or "The Arena". At either location you will encounter a gathering of Bullsharks and Caribbean Reef Sharks on a consistent basis.

Scuba diving with Bullsharks with Playa Scuba is only $140 USD. For security reasons, we only take up to 4 divers per instructor/guide in each dive.

* For only $330 USD we offer to you a 3-day cenote dive! or
* For the same price ($330 USD) we offer to you a 3-day dive: 1 in Playa del Carmen, 1 in Cozumel and 1 in a cenote.
In all cases you have a 2-tank dive per day, so you do 6 tanks!
Entrance fee to cenotes (varies from 10 tu 25 USD) .
If you don't have your own gear when diving with us, you can rent one from us. In this case please add 15 USD per day to the price.

Go for it!

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