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The Yucatan Peninsula is formed, completely, of limestone.

Diving in Cenotes with Playa ScubaIt's porous nature let the rain go through, creating caverns along the time. Those caverns were forming stalactites and stalagmites -some of them are immense-. After the last Ice Age, the deepest caverns were flooded by water coming from thawing.

Cenotes are the way to enter caverns. They were formed when the ceiling of caves collapsed and and left open spaces which were flooded by rain.

Caverns are filled with spring water to about 35 feet. Below that depth divers can experience the haloclines, an interesting union of fresh water and salt water, without mixing to each other. In open cenotes (those caverns which collapsed completely) is usual to find thermoclines, a union of hot and cold water, also without mixing to each other.

Divers with an Open Water certification can dive cenotes, because, since cenotes are caverns and not caves, they offer open spaces with a quick access to surface. In those open spaces, it's very common to see an unmatched spectacle of light as it enters the crystal clear water, that leaves in divers an unforgetable view.

Almost any cenote can be visited for diving, however, the most attractive ones are Kukulkan, Chac Mool, Dos Ojos, Angelita, Calavera and El Eden.

Scuba diving in Cenotes with Playa Scuba is only $130 USD. For security reasons, we only take up to 4 divers per full cave instructor guide in each dive.

* For only $330 USD we offer to you a 3-day cenote dive! or
* For the same price ($330 USD) we offer to you a 3-day dive: 1 in Playa del Carmen, 1 in Cozumel and 1 in a cenote.
In all cases you have a 2-tank dive per day, so you do 6 tanks!
Entrance fee to cenotes (varies from 10 tu 20 USD) and ferry to Cozumel (30 USD) not included.
If you don't have your own gear when diving with us, you can rent one from us. In this case please add 15 USD per day to the price.

Go for it!

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